Ordination Anniversary Greetings to Fr. George Palamattam CMI

On this special day, October 28th, we extend our warmest and heartfelt wishes to you as you celebrate your Ordination Anniversary. This significant milestone marks not only your commitment to a life of service and devotion but also the countless lives you’ve touched with your unwavering faith and dedication.

Your journey as a priest has been a source of inspiration and guidance to all of us. Your profound wisdom, compassionate heart, and unwavering commitment to your vocation have made a lasting impact on the community. You have shown us the way through your teachings, your selfless acts, and your exemplary life.

As you continue your journey in the service of God and humanity, may you be blessed with good health, strength, and the grace to continue touching the lives of those you encounter. Your presence is a true blessing, and your guidance is a beacon of light in our lives.

We thank God for the gift of your priesthood and pray that you continue to be a shining example of love and faith. Happy Ordination Anniversary, Fr. George Palamattam CMI!

With prayers and warm regards,

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