Pious Associations are organizations that practice spiritual and corporal works of mercy for the general population of a parish/church. Pious Associations for Children (PAC) is aimed specifically for children that help bring them closer to God and help them grow and learn more about our faith. These associations are very beneficial to young children in our parish so that they may establish strong roots spiritually at a young age that will help them remain indestructible in faith as they get older and are more exposed to the secular world. PAC Animators and leaders are trained through the Eparchy in guiding these young children in their spiritual journey so that they have the courage to face every situation with God by their side. In our Eparchy of Mississauga, we have three groups within PAC:1. Jesus Kids (Jk – Grade 1)2. Holy Childhood Association (Grades 2 – 4)3. Cherupushpa Mission League (Grades 5 – 😎.

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